Online Shopping Statistics

TrafficThinking of starting your own e-commerce website?

There has never been a better time as these statistics show.

  1. Eighty-one percent of shoppers research their product online before purchasing.
  2. Sixty percent begin their search for their products using a search engine
  3. 61 percent will read product reviews before making any purchase.
  4. On average, an online shopper  will visit 3 websites before making their purchase.
  5. Retail Sales from shopping online predicted to grow to $370 billion in 2017
  6. In 2013 57% of Irish Internet users shopped online. This figure has increased steadily since then.
  7. 71% of online shoppers believe that will get better value than shopping in the high street.
  8. Mobile ecommerce was up 35% for the first quarter of 2014,compared to the previous year.
    This includes purchases made on both mobile phones (8.2% of total) and tablets (10.3% of total).
  9. Mobile Phone add to cart and conversion rates are much lower than Desktop Computers
  10. 27% of UK online sales  in 2014 were made using via a tablet device
  11. 33% of UK online sales take place in the evening  after 6pm
  12. 47% of all online orders include free shipping
  13. Visitors are more likely to abandon their shopping cart if free shipping is not offered.
  14. 51% of people who did not complete a purchase on a mobile device stopped because they did not feel comfortable entering their credit card details
  15. Which device a visitor uses makes a huge difference to conversion rates:
    Desktop is 3.11%, Tablet is 2.59% and Smartphone is 1.01% of concersions in the Fourth Quater of 2013
  16. 60% of Irish Shoppers who added an item to their shopping cart completed the sale.
  17. Shoppers aged 18 to 34, spend more money online  than other age groups.
  18. Irish People spend €8.5 million a day online on websites in other countries
  19. 95% percent of tablet users and 72 percent of smartphone users who make a purchase do so at home.
  20.  46% of mobile users say they are less likely to comparison shop when using an app.

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