WordPress Website Security Updates, Backups and Maintanence

Wordpress Updates

Is your WordPress website secure?

Did you know that the software running your website and its associated plug-ins need to be updated almost every day?

Software updates are regularly released to either add enhanced features or to block security holes.

The more plug-ins you have in the backend of your WordPress website, the more likely you are to be hatched you to an unsecured plug-in.

Luckily every time a security flaw is found the software authors are contacted and informed of this issue and a security update is released.

If you do not install this update your site could be vulnerable.

Installing updates can come a tedious process and there is also the risk that the update may break your website. So it is very important to keep regular backups so you can reinstall the last known version of the site should be update fail.

Nua web design offer a website update service where we professionally and carefully update your plug-ins and ensure that your data is backed up.

This ensures that website is kept up-to-date and secure and that you have a backup of your data.

What if the update breaks your site?

It is quite common to get the famous “white screen of death” where after a software update your website shows nothing but a blank screen. Should this happen we will roll back the software to the previous version, keeping you online.

Security monitoring

On all packages except our basic package we monitor the security of your website, checking for hacking attempts or any traces of malicious code on your site.

Why stop with security updates?

We can also do content updates, keeping your visitors informed of the latest offers you have or we can spend this time on Search Engine Optimisation, helping you get more traffic to your website.

Website Care and Maintenance Packages