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Get your website on Googles first page without risking a penalty with our customised SEO Packages tuned specifically to your needs
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Seo IrelandGet first page rankings for your website.
Protect yourself from a Google Penalty.


Fact: there are only 10 places on Google’s first page. How many competitors has your business got for that spot?

Having a well-designed website, a great product and excellent service, is no longer enough to attract visitors to your site. There are more web pages than people on the planet and over 2,000,000 new blog posts added to the web every day.

Without search engine optimisation and digital marketing, your site is going to be lost in the ever-expanding web of the Internet.

Trying to optimise it yourself or using a cheap Search Engine Optimisation company can easily get your site hit with an over-optimisation penalty from Google, costing you thousands in lost sales, Google reconsideration requests and if all else fails having to start again from scratch with a new website and domain name.

That’s why it is important to use a reputable company. Nuasoft SEO Services do not use any automated software or outsource any work to cheap suppliers or use any linking schemes. We make sure that your websites Search Engine Optimisation meets Google’s guidelines, protecting you from a penalty.

We will come up with a digital marketing strategy that will provide your business with the results you want.

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SEO Services Ireland

Our Search Engine Optimisation Service consists of the following:

Keyword Research & Selection

Based on your initial recommendations we provide you with a list of keywords we intend to optimise your website for. Once you have approved this list we shall start optimising your website to achieve a top ranking for those phrases. The keywords we select will be targeting searches on Google that will be appropriate to your location and services. If you are targeting your SEO towards Ireland we will tailor your keywords towards Irish search queries. Otherwise will aim your campaign towards international SEO.

Full Website SEO Audit

We examine each page of your website content from a search engine optimisation and digital marketing perspective, seeing what is working and what is not. Once the site audit is completed, we make changes where needed and add new content.

Local SEO Services

Our local SEO solutions will help get you found by people in your local area who are searching Google for your product or services.

Find out more about our local SEO services here.

Unlimited Keywords

Because Nua SEO services Ireland charge for the time we spend on your website, we do not limit the number of keywords we optimise the site for. We target your main set of keywords and once we have attained a profitable search engine ranking for them we move on the getting a first-page ranking for the next set of keywords.

Competitor Analysis

We will analyse your competitor’s web pages, finding out what is working for them and work on a strategy to beat them in the search engine results pages.

Site Optimisation For SEO and Marketing

We will rewrite your site’s content to make it more search engine friendly. All new content will be approved by you prior to publishing. We also ensure that your website has a strong call to action to turn your visitors into clients. We do this because being found on Google is not enough, visitors need to be converted into clients in order to make a sale.

SEO Optimised Content Creation

We do not trick Google into giving your site a page 1 listing, instead, we give Google and its users exactly what they are looking for by creating content match closely to your targeted keywords. This will get your site listed and eliminate the risk of any penalty for manipulating Google’s search index.

Find out more about our content creation services here


Nearly all Search Engines use a site’s link popularity (the number of web sites that carry a link pointing to your site) as a criteria for ranking your Web site.
To increase your link popularity we will start a link-building campaign where we will increase the number of inbound links to your site.

Find out more about link building here


We will provide monthly digital marketing reports showing your sites progress up the search engine rankings on Google, how many visits it receives and much more.

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SEO Pricing

We charge for the amount of time spent on your site in order to gain a good search engine ranking.
Unlike some lower cost suppliers we do not use any any automated software or outsource any work to cheap suppliers or use any linking schemes.

Using the above tactics may result in your site receiving a penalty from Google which your site may never recover from.

Our custom SEO prices are as follows:


  • 3 hours SEO per month: €280.00
  • 4 hours SEO per month: €370.00
  • 5 hours SEO per month: €455.00
  • 6 hours SEO per month: €540.00
  • 7 hours SEO per month: €625.00
  • 8 hours SEO per month: €700.00
  • 10 hours SEO per month: €800.00
  • 15 hours SEO per month: €1,100.00
  • 20 hours SEO per month: €1,500.00

There is a 6 month minimum contract and after that you may cancel at any time but in order to maintain rankings your site will need to constantly make adjustments to cope with the daily changes to Googles algorithm.

We are a long-established digital marketing company with a proven track record of providing results for our clients.

If you would like to know more about what Nua SEO Ireland can do for you, give us a call on 01 442 8817

Once Off SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

If your budget does not allow for ongoing Search Engine Optimisation you may be interested in our starter search engine optimisation program.

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