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Google Ads Management

When it comes to reaching and engaging with potential customers, Google Ads stands as a pinnacle in digital marketing for small businesses. It’s a platform that offers a huge potential audience and the opportunity to connect with consumers at precisely the right moment. For many small business owners, the thought of diving into Google Ads can be as exciting as it is daunting. Without expert help Google ads can cost more than it brings in due to wasted clicks, getting on the wrong keywords and poorly optimised landing pages. That’s why we believe thata  professional Google ads management service is vital to your online success

We can save you money and get you more conversions from your Google Ads Advertising.


What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers pay to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, video content, and generate mobile app installs within the Google ad network to web users. Your adverts are run alongside search results marked as “Sponsored Listings” in addition to that your advert can also be listed on Google’s Content network of related websites.

You only Pay For Results

Because Google Ads are pay per click (PPC) you only pay for visitors to your site.

Getting an Adwords professional to take care of your Google Ads PPC Account can save you money be ensuring you are bidding for the correct keywords. We also make sure that your ads do not run for any searches that may include the keywords you are bidding on but the search is not being made by people looking for your product or service.

We carry out extensive keyword research to make sure your ads run for searches with buying signals as well as long-tail keywords that will bring in sales over the long term. This will bring in more traffic that will convert to sales as well as saving you money by preventing wasted clicks.

We also work on improving your ads quality score. The more relevant your ad is to searchers, the higher your Google Ads quality score and the higher your quality score, the lower your cost per click.

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Google Adwords Management Packages

We can create a management package to meet your requirements.

Here are an example package we offer.

Google Adwords Management Package One (up to €1000 per month Adwords spend)

This will include:

  • Setting up your account
  • Researching keywords
  • Researching and setting up your maximum budget.
  • Setting up keyword bids
  • Working to increase your ads quality score.
  • Landing page Optimisation.
  • Account Monitoring
    (A minimum of 5 monitoring visits)

Cost € 350 set up and €99 per month 

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This service can save you a lot of money on your advertising budget with no money wasted by overbidding on key words or bidding on keywords that won’t bring you qualified traffic.

Why Is Google Ads Crucial for Small Businesses?

  • Targeted Reach: With Google Ads, you can reach people at the precise moment they’re searching for your products or services.
  • Measurable ROI: The platform provides detailed insights into ad performance, allowing you to track ROI accurately.
  • Budget Flexibility: Google Ads enables you to start with any budget and stop your ads at any time with no long-term commitments.
  • Increased Traffic and Conversions: An effective Google Ads campaign can drive traffic, grow online sales, generate leads, and more.

We offer a complete Google Ads Management Service where we can do all the work for you, get more visitors to your site at a lower cost and convert more visitors to sales.

Benefits of Professional Management Services

Boosted ROI

Engaging with a professional Google Ads management service means leveraging the expertise of individuals who understand the nuances of ad bidding, keyword selection, and targeting that can significantly enhance your return on investment.

Time and Cost Savings

Outsourcing your ad management tasks frees up valuable time that you can utilize in other areas of your business. Moreover, it often turns out to be more cost-effective than hiring and training in-house marketing personnel.

Access to Expertise and Experience

By opting for professional services, you gain access to a team that lives and breathes Google Ads. This experience translates into campaigns that are finely tuned for optimal performance, ultimately leading to better results for your business.

Key Elements of Effective Google Ads Management

Should you decide to outsource your Google Ads campaign management, understanding the core components of what that service includes is critical.

Keyword Research and Targeting

Crafting the right list of keywords to bid on is where successful campaigns start. An excellent management service conducts in-depth research to find the most relevant and lucrative keywords to target.

Ad Copy Creation

Compelling ad copy can mean the difference between a potential customer clicking through or scrolling past. Professional Google Ads managers are adept at creating copy that converts.

Landing Page Optimization

Driving traffic to your website is just the first step; ensuring that the destination—the landing page—is optimized for conversion is equally vital. A good management service takes care of this integration seamlessly.

Campaign Monitoring and Optimization

The digital landscape can shift quickly, and maintaining a high-performing campaign requires ongoing monitoring and optimization. A dedicated service provider watches your ads like a hawk, making data-driven adjustments to keep your campaign on track.

Some of the areas we work on include:

Search Engine Results or Display Network Ads?

we can set up add campaign to run on both Google’s search engine results and their display network which consists of some of the most popular sites on the Internet.

We can also set up remarketing campaigns where people who have visited your website are shown your ad as they browse the Internet to remind them of your product or service.

Google Adwords Quality Score

Did you know that keywords with a high quality score can cost 50% less than Googles benchmark price while keywords with a low quality score can cost up to 400% more than Googles benchmark price?

We keep your keywords quality score high by making sure they are relevant and provide the best user experience possible.

Negative Keywords

We make sure your ads only show to people for searching for what you are offering. We do this by making sure that your ad will not show for keyphrases that are not relevant to your offering.

For example if you were bidding for  placement for the search phrase Google ads management because your business is Internet marketing, we would set up your account so that you Ad would run for the keywords Google Adwords Management but Not Google Ads Management software because searchers using the latter phrase would be most likely looking for software that would allow them to make adjustments to their own bids.Contact us for more details

Measuring Success and ROI on your Google Ads

Google Ads provides a wealth of data, and understanding how to interpret it is key to measuring success and ROI.

Key Performance Indicators to Track:

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): A high CTR indicates that your ads are relevant and engaging.
  • Conversion Rate: This KPI shows the percentage of clicks that result in a desired action, such as a sale or a lead form submission.
  • Cost Per Conversion: Tracking CPC helps you understand how much you’re spending to acquire a new customer or lead.

Tools and Techniques we use for Measuring your Ad’s Success:

  • Google Analytics: This tool allows you to analyse in-depth detail about the visitors to your site.
  • Conversion Tracking: A feature in Google Ads that can help you understand user behaviour on your site.

By analysing these metrics alongside your business goals, you can paint a clear picture of your Google Ads campaign’s performance and the return it is generating.

By partnering with a professional Google Ads management service, small businesses can experience the full potential of this powerful marketing platform, while also enjoying the peace of mind that seasoned professionals are handling their digital marketing initiatives.

Custom Google Ads Management Packages

If you would like us to create a Google Adwords management package customised to meet the demands of your business please contact us and we will be happy to help you increase the amount of exposure your business receives.

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