Designing an Effective Website for Piercer Charlie’s Creations: A Case Study

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Piercer Charlie’s Creations is a well-known piercing studio located in the heart of Dublin, known for its experienced artists and a wide variety of services. But, like many high street retailers, the business needed an online presence to reach more customers. That’s where we came in – we were tasked with designing a website that could not only showcase the studio’s services but also capture the studio’s unique aesthetic. In this blog post, we’ll be taking you through the web design case study for Piercer Charlie’s Creations, focusing on the ecommerce facilities, the high-quality design, and the online booking system integration.

Ecommerce Facilities:

Piercer Charlie’s Creations required a website to sell their products such as pre- and post-piercing care, jewellery, aftercare products, and so forth. We recommended the setup of an ecommerce platform which would allow customers to purchase and pay for their products seamlessly from within the website. We designed a simple but effective shopping experience using WooCommerce for WordPress. Shipping rates were integrated with the website for a smoother checkout procedure, and payment methods such as PayPal and Stripe were also incorporated.

High-Quality Design:

Piercer Charlie’s Creations is one of the oldest piercing studios in Dublin, and the site needed to reflect the quality and uniqueness of their services. We achieved this by creating a clean and user-friendly design with simple navigation and detailed attention paid to the studio’s branding. We incorporated high-quality images which showcased the studio’s piercings, jewellery, and interior design to give potential customers a feel for the studio and its products. We also made sure that the website was compatible with both desktop and mobile devices for accessibility.

Online Booking System Integration:

Another key feature the website needed to have was a booking system integration to allow customers to book in advance and choose their preferred piercer. Integrating the website’s booking system with the studio’s calendar and booking software was a top priority. We integrated the site with a Booking system, which enabled customers to book appointments online immediately and receive appointment confirmations with all booking details.

Search Engine Optimization:

To boost the website’s visibility, we incorporated some of the best search engine optimization practices. This included ensuring that the site was optimized for relevant keywords such as ‘Dublin piercing studio.’ We did on-page SEO and integrated the business profile with Google’s Business Listings to boost the studio’s online visibility.

Designing a website that effectively represents a business depends on a detailed understanding of that business and how it wants to present itself online. Piercer Charlie’s Creations was a perfect example of how we met this challenge. Through well-planned design and careful implementation of ecommerce facilities and online booking system integration, we were able to showcase the studio’s unique brand and offer customers a comprehensive platform to explore the studio’s offerings. We are proud to have been a part of Piercer Charlie’s Creations’ journey towards digital transformation.


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January 8, 2024