TrafficGoogle has officialy released mobile friendly identifications in its search engine results that will notify searchers if a web site is correctly optimised for mobile phones and other devices.

According to Google, this is the first step in helping mobile web surfer have a better experience using the mobile Internet.

To qualify for the mobile friendly icon, your website must:

  • Use a font size that is legible without having to zoom-in (Use ems instead of px when stating size)
  • Ensure that your content resizes to the size of the mobile devices width so there is no need for horizontal scrolling
  • Make Sure your site links are correctly spaced so that visitors can hit the link they want easily.
  • Don’t use elements on your site that is not supported by mobile devices E.G. Flash Animations, Flash Video etc.

You can test your site at Google Webmaster tools to see how mobile friendly your site is, while you are there read up on the mobile guidelines or get a totally awesome web design company to make your site mobile friendly

Google says that it will start useing these mobile friendly signals to rank a website in Google’s search results which makes sense as the adoption of mobile devices grows.

The  mobile friendly labels  will be coming out world-wide on googles Search Engine Results in the coming weeks so get your site ready now.

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