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Firefox Switches From Google to Yahoo For U.S. Searches

Yahoo has aspirations to reclaim its former prestigious place in Internet search. In what will be a financial blow for Google, Firefox’s default search engine is switching from Data-Mining giant, Google to Yahoo in the United States. “Today, I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve entered into a five-year partnership with Mozilla to make Yahoo the default search experience on Firefox across mobile and desktop.,” Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced in her blog this week.  She weint on to say “This is the most significant partnership for Yahoo in five years and we’re so proud that Mozilla has chosen us as
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Google Now Displaying Celebrities Social Media Profiles in Search

Now you can find out exactly what your favourite celebrities are saying on their social media profiles. This is because Google are now linking to the social media profiles of celebrities in the Google “knowledge panel” We ran a few tests and celebrities to make sure we see the results for ourselves. Here you can see Stevie Nicks in the knowledge panel showing links to. Twitter, MySpace and Facebook profiles. Isn’t she very well-connected for somebody who does not own a computer? Here we can see links to Denis Leary’s Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and Google plus page. It appears that
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Google Now Labels Mobile Friendly Websites

Google has officialy released mobile friendly identifications in its search engine results that will notify searchers if a web site is correctly optimised for mobile phones and other devices. According to Google, this is the first step in helping mobile web surfer have a better experience using the mobile Internet. To qualify for the mobile friendly icon, your website must: Use a font size that is legible without having to zoom-in (Use ems instead of px when stating size) Ensure that your content resizes to the size of the mobile devices width so there is no need for horizontal scrolling
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