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Domain Registry of Ireland Show Profit Increases in 2013

 IEDR results show registration and profit increases in 2013 – Volume registration growth almost 18%, Members’ Funds up 7.7% to €3.9m, 5.8% increase in operating profit – The IE Domain Registry (IEDR), the not-for-profit public organisation that manages Ireland’s top level Internet domain, .ie, today reported a positive trading performance for 2013. Its annual results showed total volume growth of 17.6% in new .ie domain registrations, a 5.8% increase in profit after tax to almost €300,000 and an 8.3% increase in Members’ Funds to €3.9 million, leaving IEDR on solid financial footing at year end. This position will allow IEDR
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How Do I Set Up Email Accounts?

Setting up multiple email accounts is easy with your online control panel 1. Log onto your control panel at Enter your user name and password in the User Name and Password fields. Your User Name and password were sent in your welcome email Click on OK button. You will now be logged on to CPanel. Not a customer yet? Order Now 2. Add an e-mail account: Click on the POP Email Accounts link in the Mail Menu. Click on the Add Account link. Enter the first part of the e-mail address in the email field Enter the password you
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Google Analytics App Comes to your iPhone & iPad

Great News for statistics geeks. Google have finally released a Google analytics app for IOS. This long overdue app which has been available on Android devices for quite some time has now made its way over to Apple. Which is great news for statistics junkies like me but bad news for IOS developers who have been creating Apps that harness the power of Google analytics. The App is great news for Search Egine Optimisation professionals who when asked by a client how is mywebsite doing, can just pull out their phone and say “Here, let me show you”. It includes
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Get your website ready for SEO Part One

Did you know that there are many areas of your site that you can easily optimise in order to make sure that your site complies with Google’s quality guidelines and therefore help your site rank better. Here are a few things you can check today: How fast does your website load? Check your site to see how quickly it loads, looking out for larger sized images, bloated code etc. Make sure all your images are optimised for the web, nothing gives a worse user experience then waiting for huge images to download that have not been resized properly Broken Links:
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Yahoo Cuts Even More Services

Yahoo goes on a diet as it cuts more services on its portfolio. In an attempt to slim down, Yahoo has announced even more cuts to its huge range of product offerings. The most notable cuts are of Yahoo voices and the Yahoo contribute network. With voices due to shut down on July 21 and contributor shutting down at the end of August. These two sites focused on creating content using a network of authors for Yahoo contributors and user generated content for Yahoo voices. There is speculation that the closure of these two services is due to fall out
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